How Momma Left Tom Bodett Speechless


Tom Bodett

By Bob Comeans

Momma only ever let one other man in her bedroom besides daddy. Daddy didn’t mind cause he liked him too. He came around on Saturday night, about the same time every week. He would bring a piano player with him. They’d tell stories, make everyone smile, and play some music. He only ever stayed about an hour.

Now before you think I’m talking all crazy here, let me tell you about this gentleman caller. He was Tom Bodett, and his radio program was “End of The Road.” That’s right, the same guy who’ll “leave the light on for you” at Motel 6. He broadcast out of Homer, Alaska and told stories of the locals, and whoever else caught his interest.

Well, he sure caught Momma and Daddy’s interest. They liked him so much they even went up to Homer, Alaska to experience it all for themselves. They loved it so much they even went back, several times. Once, Momma almost got her wish, they almost got to meet Tom Bodett. Didn’t quite work out though. I don’t know, because a moose blocked traffic heading into town, or some such thing. Not a big deal, that was just Homer, Alaksa.

Momma finally did get to talk to Tom Bodett, on his radio program. It was set up ahead of time and they were ready when he called. Momma was thrilled to finally get to visit with him. She told him so, and that he was welcomed into her bedroom, but of course only over the airwaves, as she was a properly married woman.

That was the only time I think Tom Bodett was ever at a loss for words with that famous voice of his.

Momma always did remember that visit, and I’m kind of hoping, Tom Bodett did too.


4 thoughts on “How Momma Left Tom Bodett Speechless

  1. Linda DeVaughn

    Bob, I just read your entire archive. I laughed, I cried, I remembered. I’m so glad you have found another outlet for your artistic, creative talent. You are a lucky man to recognize the important people and events in your life. I can relate to so many of them. I know your parents are puffed with pride and smiling down on you. Love to you, Caren and the boys!

    1. bobcomeans Post author

      Linda, I’m touched by your kind words and by the emotions my words brought to you. Thank you so much for sharing that. I look forward to more stories with you and
      I do thank you so much for being a wonderful part our family. Bob

    2. Jeri Comeans -Chase

      Bobby, I can remember how excited MOM and Dad were waiting for that call. Just wonder what they are doing up there in HEAVEN. Keep up the memories. Get warm feelings reading these !!!! Thanks for the Christmas Foto..

  2. bobcomeans Post author

    I found the autographed book from Tom Bodett that Mom and Dad had received. I know that was special to them! Thanks for reading!


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