Something About a Truck

Red Pickup Truck

By Bob Comeans

There is just something about a truck. All of a sudden driving is fun again. You have a sense of a new found something or another that just feels good.

Sitting at the wheel, old men get younger, and young men get older. Young women drive a truck and all of a sudden they are cute as a button, the girls, not the trucks. There are a whole lot of pink camo seat covers and floor mats in the accessory aisles these days. I guess that means girls like their trucks too.

You also seem to need a whole lot more stuff when you drive a truck. It starts out slow with maybe a Browning deer head sticker in the back window. You like that so much you add two CB antennas to the sides of your new tool box. You don’t even have a CB radio, but you do have some tools. Jumper cables, wrenches, socket sets, a piece of rope, and a come along for starters.

You can throw out the jack because it won’t get those new 32″ tires off the ground. Not that you can even afford a spare tire at about $500.00 a pop. Now there’s also room for those new cab lights which you still haven’t got around to putting on because you got distracted by a brush guard at Tractor supply.

Trucks have great names too. Names that evoke strength, agression, and speed. Names like Titan, Raptor, Z71. A name like that sounds good even when it’s parked in the yard.

It’s hard to beat a truck, with a tailgate down, backed up to a July 4th fireworks display, with a fresh bucket of fried chicken and some good friends to share it with.

Now that’s an Independence Day and that’s a truck.


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