25 Things To Know Before Your First Tattoo

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By Bob Comeans

A Tattoo…

Does not make you a better person. Does not make you a worse person.

Does not make you friends, and should not make you enemies.

Don’t rush your decision, the anticipation is often more rewarding.

Is permanent. Not much else in life really is.

If your friends think you’re cool with your new tattoo, you were probably already cool.

Regret will be a part of your life, with or without the tattoo.

Don’t let anyone talk you into doing it. Don’t talk anyone into doing it.

Think about it for two years and if your design hasn’t changed, think about it one more year.

Will not make it better if you’re bored or lonely.

If you’re 17-25 years old, wait until you’re 26.

Be different. Don’t get a tattoo.

Can be a tribute, or your life can be. Maybe both.

Get artist recommendations from people who have tattoos that you like. Don’t go in blind, hopeful, and uneducated.

Don’t go to the artist who gives you the best price. They need the practice more than the money.

Go to the artist who has the best reputation. Do your research to find this person, it will be worth it.

Poor and new are not qualities you want in your tattoo artist.

Don’t get a tattoo on a Friday or Saturday night. Go on a weekday, when you’re rested and seeing things clearly, both you and your artist.

Locate your tattoo where you can easily cover it, or show it off, depending on circumstances and what you’re  doing at the time, or with your life.

Your tastes, beliefs, and ideas will change. Your tattoo will not.

Tattoos can be painful and expensive. Tattoo removal can be more painful and more expensive.

If you get  one tattoo, you will probably at some point, get two.

Believe in your tattoo’s message with all your heart. Know that the heart is fragile, emotional, and ever changing.

It’s your body. Is it a temple or a garbage dump?

A tattoo portfolio, for the artist, can be faked by copying work off the internet and claiming ownership and talent.

When you get a tattoo you may be at risk for infection. When you get a tattoo removed you may be at risk for infection.

I respect the art and your decision. Good Luck!


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