About Bob

I hope to join you for a few moments during your busy day. I will share thoughts, stories and observations about family, life, and the people living in the world that surrounds us.

Stories that are Healthy for the Soul.

I will keep it short, and mostly to the point. The stories I will share are true. I’m not good enough to make this stuff up..

As you give me your precious time, I will give you witty humor, something to think about, and a good story, or at least two out of the three. There may be a smile, a tear, or a memory.

Married to an Irish-German redhead, I also have two sons who think I’m old, and we own a small terrier mix that gets seperation anxiety whenever I leave the room.

You may, or may not, recognize yourself in some of my stories. If you do, maybe we are related.

Welcome, enjoy, share, and of course…follow.

My thanks,
Bob Comeans


18 thoughts on “About Bob

    1. bobcomeans Post author

      Very good sir, we should all be so lucky. My father was a cold war Navy veteran. I look forward to more of your stories.

      1. gpcox

        Thank you. I really should have more Navy news in mine than I do. Maybe I should make a few special posts for them – what do you think?

      2. bobcomeans Post author

        I got three ex-Navy in the family who I’m sure wouldn’t mind. I do enjoy your attentions to detail.

  1. jaggh53163

    Thank you, Bob, for visiting my blog and deciding to follow it. I hope my posts met your expectations.
    I’m now following you and I look forward to reading your stories.

    1. bobcomeans Post author

      You’re posts will be a great reminder of how things have not always been like today. I know you were thrilled at the discovery of the boxes of your father’s letters. Thank you for following.

    1. bobcomeans Post author

      You’ve been creating that story from the first day i met you.
      Im glad you enjoyed it! Take time to read some more. Share it w your friends and family! Bob

  2. lxmanning

    I am supposed to be sleeping because we have church tomorrow. Instead, I followed Facebook to your blog and read every entry. Laughed. Eyes brimmed with tears. Every story played in the vision of my mind. Love your writing style! Great to connect with you again neighbor.

    1. bobcomeans Post author

      Lisa, I should have been sleeping too because we sang on Praise team this morning! I’m so glad I touched your emotions with my stories. Your family is part of many of them. I love your website encouragingwomen.com What a wonderful story you share. I look forward to seeing more of what God is doing in your life, chosen work, and in the lives of women you are touching.

  3. stephanie

    The Jim story sounds like something my mothers used to say to us when we were kids. She would call everyone of our names but the one she needed and if you did’nt answer she would say you should I was speaking you. You’re the only one here. I find myself doing the samething, because there are so many in my family. My mother had 11 kids and everyone of them have at least one.

    1. bobcomeans Post author

      That’s a house full of kids! I only have two kids and I can’t keep their names straight. We just do what we can. Are you close to your ten brothers and sisters? Good to hear from you Stephanie. Bob

  4. Karen

    Hey Bob! Thanks for stopping by….I have red hair so approve of your choice of wife, we redheads have to stick together! I have girls, not boys, but they think I’m old, and also a terrier who follows me everywhere, and I guess we are related! Blessings

    1. bobcomeans Post author

      Hi Karen, Thanks for joining me! My wife is named Caren too! I look forward to more of your stories. Bob

      1. bobcomeans Post author

        Beyond cool! I told my Caren about your comments. She got all excited. Bob

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