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He Called Me Jim

Soon to have damaged knees

By Bob Comeans

There were thirteen of us, all named Jim, even the girls.

It just made it easier for Grandpa.

Thirteen cousins, Jim, Joe, Jerry, Jeff, Judy, Jim, Joe, Jeff, Jerry, Bob, Mike, Bill, Kathleen. Lot of J names there. It just kind of ran that way in a couple of the families.

Who could really keep track of all those names anyway?

Grandpa was a working man. The kind of man who could wear out an anvil with a rubber hammer, and those poor, “beat to heck” hands of his proved it. Continue reading


At the Window, She Was Always There


By Bob Comeans

She was always there…

Whether I was walking to my first day of kindergarten, my last day of high school, driving off to work, or moving across the country.

She was always there…

Standing at the picture window with her hand raised, a smile on her face, waving goodbye as we left one more time.

She was always there… Continue reading

I was That Girl to That Man

Please welcome this guest post,

By Kathleen Comeans

That girl…that was how he began to refer to me, and I was okay with that.

I was that girl he would ask every day what was my schedule.

I was that girl he would call in the middle of the night to make sure I had made it home safely.

I was that girl who shared breakfast with him, every morning, for three and a half years. Continue reading

Murder. Anguish, Hope, and I Try to Survive


By Bob Comeans

Many years ago I knew a fine young man.

He was popular, had a great personality, and could play the piano so well he could make you cry. We would go to the movies, get a pizza, or just hang out. He was about my height, with blonde hair and brown eyes.

He had a wonderful sense of humor, and especially liked to tease with his parents. He was a great kid who dressed as Santa for the younger neighbor children at Christmas. He always had a big candy cane for the little boy next door.

Norman Rockwell would have loved to paint this family. This young man had loving parents, two brothers, and a sister. God was good to this family.

I was eight years older than him, but he was one of my best friends.

This normal, well-adjusted teenager entered high school, but he didn’t finish. He entered ninth grade, but he didn’t finish. Continue reading

It’s All About Him

Patriot Guard Riders

By Bob Comeans

Daddy born poor with three sisters and six brothers,
Moving round and round trying to make one day to another.
Daddy’s daddy told him early on sometimes family’s not your need,
It’s all about Him, It’s not about me.

Bob found Carol there would never be another, Continue reading

Buffalo Chicken Boys

buffalo chicken dip

buffalo chicken dip

By Bob Comeans

So, my house has mostly been a place where my 17 and 19 year old sons have always been semi-comfortable hanging out with their friends. My wife and I would rather they be here then out doing, who knows what, going who knows where, doing who knows…well you get the idea. Continue reading

Country Music, Red Heads, and the Saturday Night Laundromat

By Bob Comeans

Having just spent 20 hours in the truck with my youngest teenage son, listening to country music the whole way, I have to say, I’ve been converted.

He was sitting there, knowing all the words, and singing his little heart out. He smiled over at me and just kept singing, like he knew a secret and I was about to find out. Continue reading