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Too Late To Stop


Texting while Driving

Distracted driving







By Bob Comeans

You were texting. I wasn’t wearing my seat belt.

You were distracted. I was speeding.

You pulled your car out. I didn’t have time to react.

We hit at close to 60 mph,

Head on.

Your dashboard broke your left leg.

My windshield fractured my skull and broke my neck.

You were crying. I was silent.

Your heart beat faster. My heart beat stopped.

You were stabilized and given pain meds.

I was stabilized and medics pumped my heart and breathed for me.

Your ER doctor cast your leg.

My ER doctor called for Life Flight.

You were released and driven home.

I was admitted and flown to a trauma center.

Your family will comfort you. My family will comfort each other.

You survived. I died.

This shouldn’t have happened,

To you.

To me.

Please, before it’s too late,


(This story is a work of fiction based on cold, hard facts)


I AM There For You

Cross & Clouds

As told by my friend Jason Collins

Who’s going to help me put my life back together? I AM

Who’s going to help truth and justice finally prevail in this world? I AM

Who’s smart enough to figure out my problems? I AM Continue reading

I Missed Out

A Publix on Monument Road in Jacksonville, Florida

By Bob Comeans

I was standing right there, it was happening in front of me, and I missed out.

She didn’t have much. Probably just enough to get thru the next couple of days. The basics, for her, maybe a husband, and a kid or two. Half a cart full at the most.

It rang up to about thirty five bucks and change. No big deal. She spent a solid five-six minutes trying to write the check, get out her ID, and hand the whole package over to the cashier. She seemed rushed, unorganized, and just kind of frustrated about her day. Who knows, maybe her whole life. Continue reading

Alaska, Dad, and the Queen of England

English: Steese Roadhouse in Central, Alaska, ...

Alaska Roadhouse

By Bob Comeans

Mom and Dad loved Alaska. They’d catch a plane, ride up to Anchorage, rent some kind of van, toss in a couple sleeping bags, and hit the road for a couple weeks. They never really had an agenda, just wanted to be out in it.

One late afternoon they were poking along below Fairbanks on some back road, and in Alaska most of the roads are, back road, and they got hungry. Daddy pulled their little home on wheels into a roadhouse for some early dinner. Continue reading

25 Things To Know Before Your First Tattoo

These photos are licensed under a creative com...

By Bob Comeans

A Tattoo…

Does not make you a better person. Does not make you a worse person.

Does not make you friends, and should not make you enemies.

Don’t rush your decision, the anticipation is often more rewarding.

Is permanent. Not much else in life really is. Continue reading

You Know You’re a Professional

By Bob Comeans

You know you’re a professional magician when,

You travel to Homer, Alaska for a family vacation to see some favorite relatives. You end up doing a magic show for them and their friends because they know that you’re currently touring all the local venues back home as a comedy magic entertainer. Continue reading

Something About a Truck

Red Pickup Truck

By Bob Comeans

There is just something about a truck. All of a sudden driving is fun again. You have a sense of a new found something or another that just feels good.

Sitting at the wheel, old men get younger, and young men get older. Continue reading