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The Zombie in Me


by Bob Comeans

Sometimes it rises up, and when it does, it comes at you with claws out, more than willing to rip your soul to ribbons of anger, despair, and frustration. Looking to destroy.  Again.

It comes in many forms. It’s in us. It doesn’t want to leave. It’s our constant unwanted companion. It may be dormant. It may be active.  We all have one, and when your zombie has  taken control, you are, 

The Walking Dead.

You are an easy, fallen prey. 

The zombie in me, it’s your addictions, bad habits, and poor choices. It’s a broken heart, a failed marriage, a blown up life. It’s a pornographic web site, a drink, a smoke, a snort. It’s  lust, out of control anger, or selfishness, and it’s relentless. 

No matter how strong, how sure, how good you think you really are, you don’t have a chance. Alone you are so vulnerable. So predictable. So hopeless. 

There is still a hope in the hopeless. Your zombie killer is out there. Everywhere, in plain sight.  Friends, family, ministers, doctors, neighbors, teachers, coworkers, professionals, amateurs, strangers, and more. Jesus Christ, He’s there too. Working through them, the normal people, the everyday people. 

To help you, to rescue you, to turn your life around, to cover your back, to hold you, to fight your battles, to hold your arms up, to celebrate with you, to speak for you, to come for you, to listen to you, to bring you back, to make you accountable, to feed you, to direct you, to be with you in defeat, to share in your victory, to pray with you, to love you. 

For yourself, for someone, be that zombie killer.

The zombies aren’t  coming, they’re already here.