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He Called Me Jim

Soon to have damaged knees

By Bob Comeans

There were thirteen of us, all named Jim, even the girls.

It just made it easier for Grandpa.

Thirteen cousins, Jim, Joe, Jerry, Jeff, Judy, Jim, Joe, Jeff, Jerry, Bob, Mike, Bill, Kathleen. Lot of J names there. It just kind of ran that way in a couple of the families.

Who could really keep track of all those names anyway?

Grandpa was a working man. The kind of man who could wear out an anvil with a rubber hammer, and those poor, “beat to heck” hands of his proved it. Continue reading


Opa A Life Revisited

The man was a genius in the kitchen. Long before the current crop of celebrity chefs you see on every other cable channel. I never saw him in anything but salt n peppers, those black and white checked pants that chefs wear, and a winter coat. Spending his life in front of 425 degree ovens Continue reading