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The Zombie in Me


by Bob Comeans

Sometimes it rises up, and when it does, it comes at you with claws out, more than willing to rip your soul to ribbons of anger, despair, and frustration. Looking to destroy.  Again.

It comes in many forms. It’s in us. It doesn’t want to leave. It’s our constant unwanted companion. It may be dormant. It may be active.  We all have one, and when your zombie has  taken control, you are, 

The Walking Dead.

You are an easy, fallen prey. 

The zombie in me, it’s your addictions, bad habits, and poor choices. It’s a broken heart, a failed marriage, a blown up life. It’s a pornographic web site, a drink, a smoke, a snort. It’s  lust, out of control anger, or selfishness, and it’s relentless. 

No matter how strong, how sure, how good you think you really are, you don’t have a chance. Alone you are so vulnerable. So predictable. So hopeless. 

There is still a hope in the hopeless. Your zombie killer is out there. Everywhere, in plain sight.  Friends, family, ministers, doctors, neighbors, teachers, coworkers, professionals, amateurs, strangers, and more. Jesus Christ, He’s there too. Working through them, the normal people, the everyday people. 

To help you, to rescue you, to turn your life around, to cover your back, to hold you, to fight your battles, to hold your arms up, to celebrate with you, to speak for you, to come for you, to listen to you, to bring you back, to make you accountable, to feed you, to direct you, to be with you in defeat, to share in your victory, to pray with you, to love you. 

For yourself, for someone, be that zombie killer.

The zombies aren’t  coming, they’re already here.


I AM There For You

Cross & Clouds

As told by my friend Jason Collins

Who’s going to help me put my life back together? I AM

Who’s going to help truth and justice finally prevail in this world? I AM

Who’s smart enough to figure out my problems? I AM Continue reading

He Called Me Jim

Soon to have damaged knees

By Bob Comeans

There were thirteen of us, all named Jim, even the girls.

It just made it easier for Grandpa.

Thirteen cousins, Jim, Joe, Jerry, Jeff, Judy, Jim, Joe, Jeff, Jerry, Bob, Mike, Bill, Kathleen. Lot of J names there. It just kind of ran that way in a couple of the families.

Who could really keep track of all those names anyway?

Grandpa was a working man. The kind of man who could wear out an anvil with a rubber hammer, and those poor, “beat to heck” hands of his proved it. Continue reading

I Missed Out

A Publix on Monument Road in Jacksonville, Florida

By Bob Comeans

I was standing right there, it was happening in front of me, and I missed out.

She didn’t have much. Probably just enough to get thru the next couple of days. The basics, for her, maybe a husband, and a kid or two. Half a cart full at the most.

It rang up to about thirty five bucks and change. No big deal. She spent a solid five-six minutes trying to write the check, get out her ID, and hand the whole package over to the cashier. She seemed rushed, unorganized, and just kind of frustrated about her day. Who knows, maybe her whole life. Continue reading

The Resurrection Run Revisited

56/365 morning run

By Bob Comeans

I finally gave in.

Last Saturday I ran in my first ever 5K road race. Well, ran, is a subjective term. Let’s just say I was putting one foot in front of another to achieve forward motion. I was able to keep this up for about forty one of the longest minutes I’ve experienced in quite a while.

This had all started about six weeks earlier at our church, Legacy Christian, when Pastor Roy Roberson started talking about “The Resurrection Run.”

Just a nice little activity to get people out into nature, exercising, and to raise a litte money for the Coweta Pregnancy Services. Not sure if it was to prevent, or promote, the before mentioned services. Never did find out, but I trust that it was all good. Continue reading

More Popular Than Santa Claus

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

By Bob Comeans

They told me I was more popular than Santa Claus, and that was saying something because they had three Santa Claus.

I am an artist, a caricature artist. Have been since ninth grade, just never knew it until about seven years ago. Since then I’ve drawn thousands of pictures of kids, teens, adults, elderly, babies, pets, and everyone in-between. Continue reading

At the Window, She Was Always There


By Bob Comeans

She was always there…

Whether I was walking to my first day of kindergarten, my last day of high school, driving off to work, or moving across the country.

She was always there…

Standing at the picture window with her hand raised, a smile on her face, waving goodbye as we left one more time.

She was always there… Continue reading